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The Game

Welcome to Lords of Legacy a blockchain-powered game set in a dynamic fantasy world inspired by classic tales of Medieval Lords fighting for the Throne.

Embark on an epic journey to conquer, build and rule the lands of Lorian, a virtual realm where history, strategy and leadership will decide the fate of your civilisation. Immerse yourself in the intricate web of politics, real time strategy, technique and conquest to lead your army to victory.

Career Progression

Road to Lordship

Ascend the ranks as you make progress through the game and become a revered lord of the realm. Use the in game marketplace to lend your lord to the highest bidder.

Rally Troops

Heroes for Hire

Recruit legendary warriors from distant lands adept in exotic fighting styles and technique. Build your army and expand your kingdom across the Lands of Lorian.

How to Play



Connect your wallet to the official Lords of Legacy Marketplace (coming soon).



Mint your Genesis Rogue and start your heroes journey.



Play Lords of Legacy: Genesis and conquer the Lands of Lorian.



Breed Dragons, fortify your castle and lend your Lords to the highest bidder.

The Team

J.J. Baker


Ryan Wong


Guy Jones


James Gregory

Head of Marketing

Chris McIntosh

Lead Games Developer

Augusto Caro

Blockchain Developer






Community members


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The Roadmap

Phase 1


Formulate an agile product development programme that considers every eventuality in the multi-faceted process of building on web3.

Phase 2


Quality comes first and speed of execution runs in parallel when in the production process of developing best in class RTS gaming experiences.

Phase 3


Community focused benefits of decentralised technologies, a unique approach in the delivery of s social media driven marketplace.

Phase 4


Go live and launch Lords of Legacy, the launch will be a momentous occasion where we bring this vision to life.

Phase 5


Post launch Lords of Legacy game development brings utility to Players and Investors alike.

Phase 6


Connecting Lords of Legacy Players with the first ever Metaverse experience made specifically for RTS. Move through a 4D world and experience Medieval environments at will.

Dragon Fight Club

Coming soon...

Frequently Asked Questions

Lords of Legacy is a groundbreaking blockchain-powered game that transports players to a vibrant and ever-evolving fantasy world. Drawing inspiration from the timeless narratives of Medieval Lords, this immersive gaming experience invites you to venture into the realm of Lorian. As a player, your goal is to embark on an epic journey of conquest, construction, and leadership.

Within Lorian, you'll find yourself engaged in a tapestry of history, strategy, and governance. Your decisions, real-time strategic choices, and leadership capabilities will be the determining factors in shaping the destiny of your civilization. By immersing yourself in the dynamic interplay of politics, techniques, and conquests, you'll have the opportunity to lead your chosen faction to resounding victory.

Prepare to step into a world where fantasy meets strategy, and where your skills will be put to the test as you strive to build an enduring legacy in the midst of this captivating virtual realm.

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We chose the Polygon Network as the foundation for Lords of Legacy due to its remarkable scalability and cost-efficiency. By leveraging Polygon's high-speed, low-cost infrastructure, we ensure seamless gameplay and transactions for our players.

This network's established ecosystem aligns perfectly with our goal to provide an optimal gaming experience while embracing the benefits of blockchain technology.

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The Land of Lorian awaits

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